i don't recall [amarcord.2]

a multimedia collaboration between Taylan Cihan & Andrew Lucia.


Barnes Hall, Cornell University
CCCP Players Performance, Feb. 8th, 2012


The image, video, and sound components of i don't recall [amarcord.2] are a study in the arrangement and feedback of visual and aural data. Beginning from a limited set of 3 predetermined images, pixel data is fed back within itself--shifted, compared, and recombined.  Here, the (re)organization of continually shifted structural data is constantly bombarded with past states of itself.  All of the “material” necessary for this work is present in its initial make-up; what is seen are varied expressions of a finite dataset, a function of rapid re-organization.  Though seemingly disorganized, the resultant data fields exhibit a high degree of order as similar, yet different, material is continually folded within itself through time.