Post-Digital Drawing in Architecture and Art

Group Show: Lucia, Young & Ayata
Feb. 9th - Mar. 23th, 2018
96 rue de Cléry 75002 Paris

09.29.2017 - 10.29.2017
usagiと _newyork

02.02.2017 - 04.30.2017
HGA Gallery, Rapson Hall, University of Minnesota

Goldstein Museum of Design

“Their familiarity with the mathematical objects photographed by Man Ray in 1936 open architecture to a close relationship between “surrationalism” (Gaston Bachelard) and surrealism.” - Excerpt on A Catalog of Difference from DRAWBOT #2:  Post-Digital Drawing in Architecture and Art; aa[n+1] Gallery, Paris; Exhibition curated by Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou and Leslie Ware, 2018.

In production for over a decade, Andrew Lucia’s Catalog of Difference is a collection of over 1,000 studies that survey and analyze degrees of difference across images, objects and environments.  The outcome of these studies is a collection of artifacts comprising a range of representation and media types including 3D printed ceramics, digital photography, 2D printed renderings and drawings, and texts by the author.  To date, only a fraction of the entire catalog has been produced for exhibition, which has been shown in Minneapolis, New York, and Paris. The collection is accompanied by an exhibition catalog with forward by Dr. Samuel C. Fletcher, Department of Philosophy, UMN. 

A Catalog of Difference is a study of change across material and perceptual environments, calling attention to those differences which make a difference. The difference machines elaborated on in the catalog operate as a methodology and collection of post-digital representations.   Each study in this catalog is a registration of change within a given environment, a shorthand of its character. These visualizations may be thought of as derivatives or a condensation of reality. Collectively, A Catalog of Difference speculates on the role of structured light as an active agent and dynamic force in the production of form.

PART I-Planar

PART II-Curvature

PART III-Spherical

Andrew Lucia
Cass Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor (2015-17)

Zhetao Dong, Samantha Kowalke, and Mohsin Khokhar
Research Assistants

The research conducted for this exhibition was undertaken and supported through the Cass Gilbert Visiting Fellowship in the School of Architecture, University of Minnesota and generously funded therein.

Luke Bulman—Office
Exhibition catalog book design for UMinn Papers on Architecture

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