Likeness of an Allegory

in progress

a project by LUCITO 

Likeness of an Allegory is a site-specific permanent installation designed for the 6th floor elevator lobby ceiling of the new Minneapolis Public Services Building (currently under construction with proposed completion Fall, 2020).  LUCITO’s intervention responds to the City’s call for “luminous ceilings” by working with light and its complete absence: a sculptural mass finished in ultra-matte black pigment hovers ominously below an evenly lit ambient field of light.  Due to its unique finish, the hovering mass is devoid of surface features, rendering it visible to the human eye only at its edges against the light field above.

While operating at this binary interface between light and dark, LUCITO’s work takes inspiration and cues from Ambrogio Loronzetti’s 14th Century frescoes, The Allegory of Good and Bad Government.  In LUCITO’s Likeness of an Allegory, a game of perceptual hide-and-seek plays out as strategically sculpted characteristics and symbolic features of Minneapolis’ past and present reveal themselves to the observant passerby in the lobby below.

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