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A Catalog of Difference

Part I: Analysis on the Structure of Light within Planar Imagery

Lucia Vermeer Gradient Lucia Caspar Gradient Lucia Turner Gradient
Lucia Monet Gradient Lucia Moholy-Nagy Gradient Lucia Amarcord Gradient
Lucia Clouds Gradient Lucia Flora Gradient Lucia Urban Gradient

Nine Studies on (left to right, top to bottom): Vermeer, Friedrich, Turner, Monet, Moholy-Nagy, i don't recall [amarcord.2], Clouds, Flora, & Urbanity.

excerpts from the exhibition A CATALOG OF DIFFERENCE

Andrew Lucia
Cass Gilbert Visiting Assistant Professor

Zhetao Dong + Samantha Kowalke
Research Assistants

Portions of this research were conducted and supported through the Cass Gilbert Visiting Fellowship in the School of Architecture, University of Minnesota and generously funded therein.